Programmable clock

Good afternoon, it would be possible to make tutorial on how to make weekly clock timer to open and close the right door of the Arduino? I wanted to do such a thing the like to apply my doorbell, seen during night always have someone who comes bell rings when I never see this one (bad joke ...) I thought using nano arduino to want to apply within the device that the wall and connecting part is ringing noise ...

if you can make tutorial or be able to show how to do this which I was very grateful. Thank you and keep up the good work here on the site

ps: I apologize for my English.

It looks a bit like your text has been through Google Translate.

You want a 7 day timer which you can program to ignore attempts to ring your door bell at certain times during the night ?
Is that right ? If so, you can certainly do that with an Arduino and a Real Time Clock Module and, maybe, a relay.