Programmable controller for L298n DC Motor driver

Hi all,

could someone give me some advise which programmable controller I can use for a L298n DC motor driver? I mean some kind of programmable controller which is Atmel based.
I would like to use this in a mobile device so it has to operate stand alone. Two DC motors have to be controlled independently.
All the components have to be available at a large scale, cheap, simple and reliable. This is the reason why I selected the L298n motor driver. It might not be the most advanced driver out there but for my machine it will do the job just fine.

I hope someone can advise me in this.

Anything . What are your criteria (size,price,I/O etc..) The L293 requires a direction and pwm per motor (2 I/O).
When you specify your criteria we can answer your question. You could use $3 ATtiny85's if you wanted (8-pin DIP IC).

I would like to manufacture a lot of these devices. So the controller board and driver should be available in large quantities and different suppliers must be able to deliver the parts.
Some criteria:
Small in size
Low in weight
No custom made parts
Easy to program

The two DC motors which have to be controlled and driven:

High pressure gear pump driven bij a DC motor. 12V and 6.5A
Planetary geared motor. 12V and 3A

At the push of a button, the device will operate for a minute and then go back to stand by mode.

I would like to buy a complete driver like the L298n board and a controller. Load a program into the chip and that must be it.
First, I have to find a controller(board) and the next step is to get software for it.

If someone needs more information before you can help me, please let me know.

Thanks in advance

As posted above you only need two outputs per motor. The most common L298 board has a dual motor output and 4 lines of input. Any Arduino board will manage that, I regularly use them with the Leonardo. That would be: No custom made parts, Easy to program, Reliable. Is it cheap enough and small enough? Custom would be smaller and cheaper if you are making a lot.

Are you just turning the motor on at full speed, then off after a time? A microcontroller and driver seems like overkill for that.

The L293 can get pretty hot, I wouldn't totally believe what the datasheet says. Will it handle 6.5A?

First I have to build a prototype and test the device with various settings in terms of rpm and power. I would like to set:

· Starttime and stoptime for both motors
· Runtime for both motors
· RPM per motor
· Direction

This will have to be set in the software (fixed program) and this will be used for the devices to be sold.

What the device will have to do is this: (don't pay attention to the Pololu Baby Orangutan name)

I have to see if it would be better to power the motors directly from the battery due to the high current to the high pressure pump. If that’s possible via a relay.

The device will run the same simple program over and over. A microcontroller and driver seem to be an overkill. Which components can be used just for this simple task?