programmable fiber

Hi just wanted to know if there is any material/fiber that can be programmed to operate (bend) in a particular way required.

And that relates to "General Electronics" how ?

And that relates to "General Electronics" how ?

Isn't it a part of electronics! since m speaking about a programmable material that could be used in a project. It would have an input that would be controlling its movement. Well I am unaware if such material exists in market. Otherwise self actuating materials are constructed for research purpose

Can we talk about reality ?
(ergo , if it doesn't exist we can't answer questions about it?)

or, maybe someone programmed it to
leave and not come back...or maybe it's
been programmed to be invisible...

or my favorite, "If it's programmable, what happens whe your program crashes ?"

When piezo electric materials deform on applied voltage, but only by small amounts - do you
have more details of the intended application?

Bimetal and heating wire can bend on command.

Are you thinking of Memory Wire?

Tom… :slight_smile:

If what you want exists, youre probably looking for a shape memory alloy (memory wire, made from nickle-titanium aka nitinol)

Exotic stuff.

Depending on what you are actually hoping to do, though, your normal garden variety actuatorscmight be appropriate

actuator wire