Programmable toy car

Hi there,

I've started on a bit of a challenge (for me at least)
I want make a toy like this with an arduino:

Programming a toy car by pressing arrows and afterwards seeing the car perform the before programmed input.

Has anyone seen a piece of code that might be helpful for this project??

Thanks in advance


Programming a toy car by pressing arrows

The Arduino doesn't have arrows, so you'll need to substitute some suitable hardware. When you've figured out the suitable hardware, programming will be easy (or easier).

That was a cool toy! Kids in my neighborhood had one. I loved playing with it.
It taught me that dead reckoning is not good. But fun anyway!

Break your project down in to smaller pieces.
You will need to control 2 motors.
You will need to read a keypad.
You will need to store a list of commands and later execute them.

So start with motor control. Can you make your motors run forward and backwards?

And work on keypad reading.

Have you selected hardware yet? There are likely a zillion kits out there with skid steer or differential steering out there. Pick one and start playing!

Keep us up to date. Ask questions as you run in to problems.

And you must, must, post a video when you get it working!


Here's code for small IR remote control robot: