Hi, I have a programme running on an ESP32, but have lost the sketch when my PC carried out a Windows update (thanks Microsoft).

I now need to make some changes to the programme.

So my question is; can I read the code on the ESP32 using IDE so that it is displayed within the IDE. I can then make my amendment, re save to the ESP 32 and then save the sketch as normal.

Many thanks



That's what I feared. Are there any other S/W packages that can do what I am trying to achieve.




Oh, there is a way: you could read out the flash, then decompile the 4 megabyte, figure out what parts are generic clutter and what bis are your probram, then extract that bist and rewrite what you see in Arduino. On the way you will learn a whole lot of embedded systems, the Ardunio compiler (g++), missing debug symbols, assembly language, ...

To zwieblum: thank you for the good joke!