Programmer is not responding (Mac os x 10.4.8 Inte

Hi I just bought one of your boards it won't let me burn the bootloader nor upload software to it tho. The Arduino 05 IDE detect the board and lists the following ports

I have selected the second one or /dev/cu.usbserial-A3000XMa
I have the speeds at 9600
And I have the ATMega8 selected
And when I click burn bootloader I get the Programmer is not responding error
I went to bluetooth preferences and disabled it but it still being listed there (since I heard the PDA sync might be the problem)

Please help me
thanx in advance


Re the bootloader, did you connect an STK-500 programmer to the Arduino though the programming header? You can only burn the bootloader with a programmer attached.

Are you able to upload programs to the Arduino? It seems like your USB ports might be wrong, I have never heard of hte "A3000XMa"...

  • making sure you installed the FTDI driver package and
    -make sure you the MAC OSX setup command included in the IDE? I am on the same machine, same software, so it does work.

PS: they're "our boards".. Arduino is an open source community, no one owns it other than the community. :slight_smile:

lol ye I fixed it :smiley: I didn't read that you had to reset before trying to load software
thnx anyways fellow geeks.

I burned one of my LEDs... which goes back to the point of reading before doing :stuck_out_tongue:
I didn't know I needed a resistor and it was a 3V LED