Programmer needed for Project Part time project,PAID

Hi Guys

I have a project that im wokring on and im busy with the hardware design , but needs someone to write the programs for the hardware.
I am willing to pay $100 for the programming total . I will disclose full details if someone is intrested but the project title is
Remotely RF downloadable GPStracker/Logger.

if you are intrested in abit of extra cash please drop me a PM and i will send all details to you.

Someone who writes the code, should have the hardware.
Are you sure you can't find the time. There are drivers for the hardware that you use ?

Has this been done before? It sounds like a project many people like. I assume it's battery operated so you might need extra code to make the Arduino and other components to sleep. You probably need also an serial EEPROM for extra storage. You could use 433MHz or 2.4GHz wireless. Is my guess any good ?

P.S.: No, I won't write the code, I have not used GPS yet.

I believe there is a separate section for paid help in the forum...

Hi Krodal Yes there are drivers for all the hardware use its just making everything work together .
where is the paid section ill post there then

Hardware used
1)new prototype gps serial coms weighs only 10g
2)NRF24l01 2,4ghz data radios
3)SD card shield
4)EEprom chip
5)Solar cells
6)Atmel 328p chip
7)the main idea is to get everthing working on UNO first then a Pro mini then custom board

the tracker will be self powered with solar panels and total size after Custom board is finished will be 15x30mm

Why bother with a pro mini? And an uno prototype would work to debug, then just put it all on the custom board
sounds like an easy project, that's all common stuff
scroll down the arduino forum to where it says gigs and collaborations

Hi Winner

The Pro mini is just a step down in size for testing make it more mobile. but first to make everything work.
I wanted to know if you guys had good ideas for Solar Powered circuits currently my design has 4 solar cells
combined with one Supper cap Search Results for super cap - SparkFun Electronics and charger Chip this will be used to try and charge ether a CR2 battery or CR2032 . any one can shed some light on how I would go about connecting this ? I will post my circuit soon the way I have it now. File Attached

SCAN0001.PDF (358 KB)

You will probably be better off with a lipo, those 2032 cells can only give you 30ma max, which isn't much
the supercap will help for the bursts from the nrf24l01 and gps which is good
also those solar cells are pretty pathetic, it wont charge any battery really, best bet would be to hold the atmega while it sleeps, nm else
your gonna need a decent 3.3v supply, so a 3.7v lipo would worrk altho you should check that everything can handle the 4.2v max of the battery unless you get a ldo regulator

Hi Winner

yes after doing the maths again the solar cells @a 3.3v system is useless but after some searching i remembered that all these Chips are powered via regulated supply 3.3v to 1.8v Removing the regulator I can make the custom PCB that makes the whole system work on 1.8v and max power consumption for me circuit is then 46mA active and 6 mA in sleep mode

so 1.8v system running on 2v should make life easier

Isn't the sd card a 3.3v device? Also the nrf24l01 and the atmega328 would have to run less than 8mhz to get 2v supply
Also the quiescent power of the gps and nrf24l01 is alot different when data is being transfered,

I'm Aware of that yes but one thing you have to remember is that the device will be in sleep mode for 23:30 hours a day it will only wake up and take to fixes a day

Even with 2v how will you power the other devices during wakeup? Youull need a boost converter or a separate supply

Hi Anyone still keen on helping me with this device ?

It depends if you want to continue to engage in empty discussion here or get something seriously moving...
Send me a PM , please.