Programmer needed for project

Hi, need some assistant with my project.

I have a uno r3
2 adafruit motor shield v2
4 step motors
1 bluetooth module

everything hooked and working...

code is my problem, it's possible to command those steppers with a android, ios, or even a processing app?

If you can help, tell me your rates.



Is the Blue Tooth BLE or old school BT. Most android tablets/phones dont support BLE.

Either war around the answer to you question si yes, and depending on the complexity of the type of control you want a relatively easy job.

You can set up some kind of command protocol to send over the BT and have the Arduino read and interpret it and take action on it.

Fell free to drop me a PM is you want to chat about his more. What is you budget for this job ?

Cheers Pete.