Programmer Needed: Interactive Map

I am looking to put together a project, but I need a programmer to write the code for me. I don’t have the time at the moment to write the code myself and due to my inexperience, I am sure one of you can make the project a lot cleaner and more efficient than I can.

please read the project details attached.

Let me know your price and expected time of completion. If you have any additional questions, please let me know.


Interactive Map Program .pdf (105 KB)

What hardware you have for this?


Currently, an Arduino Uno board, but will probably switch to an ESP32 board as suggested to be a better fit. After reviewing the program and its needs, I can better tailor the hardware devices as needed.

Looking to start out on an 8" 1024x768pix touchscreen display.

If you have better suggestions on other resources that may work well with this project, I am happy to consider them.

You can forget about the Uno for doing such a graphic intensive project. It will be difficult for anyone to quote for the project SW if you haven't decided on the project HW or included HW design in the request for quote. Either way, this looks like an expensive project - I hope you have a healthy budget available.

Is this a school/college assignment? Wanting every line of code annotated is suspicious.

Not a school project. In addition to getting a functional program, I would like to learn from it as well, assisting in furthering my personal education. I wouldn't need every line noted, but blocks of code would be helpful. You make a solid point on HW/SW specs.

LOL. You don't have hardware or code, and you are telling us that you want to learn from the code? Ridiculous! You are just looking for somebody to build you cheaply something that someone else are willing to pay to you...

That's how I see this. Good luck.

Cheers, Kari