Programmer needed to create a library to talk to wireless module.

I've got a timelapse/cinema motion control project that I'm trying to get finished up soon to go up on Kickstarter. It uses several custom boards designed by CrossRoads here in the forums and the programming is well underway. Two boards based on an Atmega 2560 chip need to communicate using a DNT24P wireless module, but so far I've just been using wired communication for development. I need someone who can help write a library to communicate with the DNT24p module as the current programmer is occupied with other aspects of the project. I'm in Los Angeles but could mail a pair of DNT24P modules to anyone in the U.S. willing to help. I don't have a lot of money to offer but could offer more deferred payment after the Kickstarter launch. I'm also an excellent machininst with a CNC mill and manual lathe I'd be happy to trade services if you have your own project now or in the future.

Info on the wireless module can be found here:

Message me if you'd like more details on the project.



Actually... it wouldn't necessarily have to be a library. It could just be a demo showing how to initialize communication, timing, etc...