Programmer Needed

I am in need of someone to write code for an Arduino UNO that I'm using to control 4 peristaltic pumps on an aquarium dosser. I would like to incorporate the LCD Keypad Shield. I am willing to pay whatever the cost may be to have this done. I understand how to assemble what I'm looking for and I've already run the test codes on the UNO, LCD and RTC but when it comes to writing the code to make them all work together....... I will have another code that I will want written in the near future for a full aquarium controller, granted this one goes well. If anyone is interested in doing this or knows someone that is, please contact me "T.J." @ Sure Reef Design (530)409-7249

Hello TJ,

OK so i tried to respond to this using a PM then i looked up your website and tried using the email address there i also tried the TJ address you posted but no luck with any of them :frowning:

If you still have not found anyone to help with this please drop me a PM or check out my website you will see the sort of projects i get involved in there and also my contact details.

Cheers Pete.

Ok, so first of all I mean no disrespect to anyone that I’ve already spoken to by posting again. I just don’t think I made myself clear enough about what I’m wanting. I DO NOT want anyone else to build my controller for me. I have it completely built and most of the code already written. I will send any additional information that’s needed but basically I have SainSmart UNO R3, RTC I2C, 16,2 LCD Keypad Shield and I’m running 2X 12v motors off 2X TIP 120. I have an extensive electrical background so circuitry comes natural to me. Luckily I’m a semi-fast learner so in about a week and a half (about 30 hours total time spent) I have been able to put the circuits needed together and came up with a code that reads the RTC and will turn the pumps high/low up to three times a week. The only part I’m running into a slight hold up on is the LCD. If it will make a huge difference in price, I can add the rest of the daily timers I need. If you’re willing to help me with JUST THE LCD CODE, then please contact me. I need this to happen as soon as possible. This has taken much more time than I initially expected. I will pay for all code that is written and time spent. I am not willing to pay for any hardware.
What I want:
#1. I want to be able to display date and time from my SainSmart 16/2 LCD Keypad Shield
#2. I want to be able to set date and time from my SainSmart 16/2 LCD Keypad Shield
#3. I want to be able to set high/low on SainSmart UNO pins 11, 3 up to 3 times each per day from my LCD Keypad Shield
#4. I want the back light of my 16/2 LCD to dim after 30 seconds and come back on when a button is pressed

What I DON’T want:
#1. To buy a completed project, with all hardware and software included, from anyone
#2. To pay $1000’s of dollars for the bit of code I need

T.J. (530)409-7249[/b]
Please Call Me. I prefer not to be e-mailing back and forth. I’m in California so keep time differences in mind. Thank You

tj122984: Luckily I'm a semi-fast learner

Then carry on learning until you get it sorted. SHOUTING at people you are trying to elicit the help of will get you zero results.