Programmer needed

Hello My name is Mauritz

I would like to know if anyone can do programming for me? Will pay via paypal. Please pm me.

Thank you

I'm sure there is. What is the project?

The project is for a Automatic Weighing scale to fill different size containers to a set weight and stop a pump and save the data to a file on a sd card so that it can be imported to a database. I have the following hardware.

Arduino Mega 2560 12864B V2.0 lcd Lan module 1ch relay module SD module RTC 4x4 keypad HX711 100kg loadcell PSU dc to dc stepdown module

Thank you Mauritz

Hi Mauritz,

That looks like a pretty elaborate project. Are you weighing both solids and liquids?


Why does it need a keypad? Oh, to set the weight, obviously. How much menuing functionality did you want? Do you just want to type in the weight and press hash? Did you want a list of presets and an ability to choose one of the presets?

Did you have an idea of how to go about doing calibration? You probably want a zeroing function. Might even be reasonable to have a "This is what 50k feels like" function - you'd actually put a weight on the scale. If you are only using it for one quantity,, then maybe you can do without the "enter weight on the keypad" altogether and just weigh by example: "the bags are full when the feel as heavy as this".

Will one load cell do the job? What happens if the bag is placed on the scale off-center? If it's all being done mechanically, and you only use it for one quantity, then again a simple "turn on the pump until it feels this heavy" calibration by example will do. But if not, then you want three (or four) load cells in a triangle and you want to add the loads on them to get a total. Depends if we are talking a container of liquid placed on the cell by a mechanical arm, or if we are talking a bag of sand placed there by a human.

How did you want it to know when to start filling? Should it detect load on the load cell to sense the presence of a container? Did you want an operator to press a button? Should it listen to a sensor or input line?

Is the pump on/off? I assume so, from the presence of a relay module. Did you want to sort of pulse it as the container gets full so as to not go over weight?

Did you want a general "go/don't go" function? Star on the keypad, maybe? Big Red Button?

Did you want a pressbutton allowing an operator to manually activate the pump?

Should there be some sort of "If I have had the pump on for .5 seconds and not detected any change in weight, then blink the error blinky light and don't do anything until they press the go button again"?

Any special format you need on the file on the SD card? I imagine you want timestamp from the RTC and weight. That suggests to me that it isn't the same weight for each measurement, and so zeroing and calibration becomes a thing.

All this stuff is completely do-able. The issue, as always, is nailing down exactly what you want your arduino to do.