Programmer required for MIDI controller project

Mission Engineering Inc is the world leader in switching expression pedals for the music industry.

We are currently looking for a contract programmer to work on a MIDI controller project. Candidates should have experience developing software for micro controllers in particular the Atmel AVR family. Familiarity with MIDI would be a plus. USA based preferred. Interested candidates should reply to this message or email us directly at the customer service email address on the web with a brief description of experience.

Let me know if I could help. I'm in Brazil, but heck, I don't see that as a problem. :wink:

Check this out:

Hello, my name is Peter.

I have experience in both of these areas. I have developed MIDIx hardware and software for controlling lighting systems in animatronics installations.

I have also developed MIDI interfaces for the distribution and splitting of MIDI signals to sound engineering desks and MIDI controlled instrumentation such as DSPs, drum synthesizers and general keyboard devices. I also play the bass which gives me a better insight to the music requirements of such devices.

My coding experience is extensive, I have been developing software/hardware solutions for over 25 years, I specialise in embedded controllers and 4GLs using RAD tools. I have a well equipped workshop with most variants of the Arduino hardware as well as other ARM platforms. I also develop systems for windows CE the CF and MF

I am currently engaged on a contract with another member of this forum for the next 3 weeks but if you think that my skills fit then please feel free to drop me a PM or respond here in the forum.

I live in France but this has not so far prevented me form working with clients from this forum from Canada and the USA as well as mainland Europe and the UK.

Cheers Pete.