Hi Folks sorry for looking thick but at 74 and starting with stepper motors, to me its like trying to learn a foreign language (maybe Chinese), anyhow a simple question " under Tools there is a title marked 'Board' I have Arduino/Genuino in there lower down there is a title 'Programmer' then you have a choice of answers, I cannot find anywhere to give me an inkling as to what to put in there. Can anyone help please? David

If you are programming your Arduino/Genuino with the IDE, then you can ignore the Programmer menu item. Be sure to select the board and port you are using though. And attach the Arduino to your computer with a cable of course.

Have a look at the page you get to by selecting Learning -> Getting Started from the menu near the top of this page.

You only select need to select Programmer if you are connecting a Programmer such as an Atmel AVR ISP MKii to your ICSP pins. Otherwise it is a don't care.

Many thanks to you guys, I can sleep tonight.

Never used a Forum before might try them again, knowledge is a wonderful thing, its nice to know, and nice to give.

Thanks again guys