programming 3 inputs to control 1 output

Before u ask yes i'm a freak'n newbee. I've played around with cut and paste and got some of my little projects to work. I need help getting started with writing Arduino code. My project is a Gyro and a X & Y accelerometer that control a servos position and speed.


OK. Here you go:

//Some global variables go here

void setup()
// Some initialization stuff goes here

void loop()
// Read the inputs

// Calculate the output

// Send the output

HaHa Thats how simple i wish it was. let me explain my project a little more. 3 analog inputs 1 gyro "G" 2 accelerometers "Z" "X" control 1 servo output. the gyro sets the the nutral point of the servo and tells it how fast to move. Z & X are also used to help set the neutral state when not rotating. I have some code but??????

/* analog 2: y-axis analog 3: x-axis analog 4: gyro digital 11: servo

created 19 sep 2009 by Russ b. Sutton modified 26 Jun 2009


// these constants describe the pins. They won't change: const int gpin = 4; // gyro const int xPin = 3; // x-axis accelerometer const int yPin = 2; // y-axis accelerometer

const int sPin = 11; // servo void setup() {

The problem is you can't start coding until you understand the problem you are trying to solve. Some call that the algorithm.

I can't help you with that, not up to speed with gyros and accelerometers and such. However if you could list steps needed in English or have a math formula, then coding it is pretty simple after that.