Programming 6 5v solenoids and a sound file with it

Hello all, I have a school project which involves 6 small 5v solenoids ( and a speaker. I am hoping to create a device to aid children in learning Braille where 6 solenoids are positioned in 2 lines, they will sequence through the alphabet and speak the letter, for example the Braille for “A” will be activated, around 3 seconds will pass and then the sound file of “A” will speak, a further 3 seconds will pass until the next letter will become into sequence.
I have an Arduino Uno and have connected 1 small 5v solenoid to it and it works using the simple “blink” program however I do not know how to program 6 solenoids and a sound file, any help would be much appreciated thank you.

Sound file, send serial commands to a card like this to play the sound.

Solenoid, just need a High out to a transistor to sink current thru it’s coil, same as driving a relay or a motor, just another inductor.
Here’s 4 examples.

Thank you, so which audio card will I need for my project as the link takes me to four different products.
Furthermore my main issue at the moment is the programming side as I have no experience in programming. This is something I need help in the most.