Programming a bluetooth module

Hey, I found a while ago that bluetooth modules have general I/O pins on them. They aren't usually connected to anything but I've read that they can be used.

The question is... how do you programme a bluetooth module ? It isn't really explained in the datasheets

Datasheer of btm222 module ->

That got me thinking... if there are general purporse I/Os can I programme the module and use it without a microcotroller (as it apparently has a mircocontroller on board anyway)? That would be great for wireless sensors or applications that require to switch a few relays.

You need a SDK from the manufacturer of the BT Chipset, in your case CSR, it's an extremely expensive piece of software, and you need a programmer too.

The bluetooth chip contains an ARM core, and you program it with a C-compiler built-in to the SDK from CSR. E.g. it's the same chip in a bluetooth keyboard, headphones, mouse, serial-dongle etc. It's just the program running on the ARM processor that is the difference.

There's a bit of reading here:

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heh thx for the reply I found that thread on hackaday like half an hour before your post. I found a datasheet that suggest one can switch the pins usingt AT commands but I haven't tested yet whether it works with my module (page 11)