Programming a circuit

I have a circuit which is a lightening detector and this circuit works with ATMEGA8-16PU. This lightening detector is for my camera and when there is a lightening thunder, it automatically triggers the camera. I am not a programmer and would like to find a programmer who can program it for me. I can pay for this service through PayPal.

Thanks for taking a look at my question and hope there is someone who can assist me.

Sounds like a nice project. Can you post the electrical circuit? or URL? With some explanation how the circuit works. The Arduino needs a 5 V pulse (opto coupled !) and must immediately start opening the shutter for some predefined time. Ideally the lightning must be in front of the camera.

There are several camera control sketches on the playground that can be a starting point for the code. See -

What kind of camera do you intend to use?


I have sent you a personal message.

Thank you.