Programming a Due with FTDI - Serial RS232

Hi there!

I was trying to program my Due through an FTDI RS232 serial interface (similar to this one).

I want to both be able to upload sketches to it as well as re-upload the bootloader. But I haven't gotten that far.

I have set it up like so:

DTR (FTDI) -> 0.1uF -> RESET (Due) RXD (FTDI) -> TX (Due) TXD (FTDI) -> RX (Due) 5V -> 5V (Due) CTS -> GND (Due) GND -> GND (Due)

The serial read seems to work just fine. When I'm plugged into my Windows computer (using FTDI firmware 2.10) I get the outputs from the pre-loaded sketch AnalogInOutSerial through the cihp.

I am able to select the port (COM5) as it is recognized by the computer. But when I try to upload any code using the Due (Programming Port) I get the following output:

Send auto-baud No device found on COM5 An error occurred while uploading the sketch Set binary mode readWord(addr=0)=0 readWord(addr=0xe000ed00)=0 readWord(addr=0x400e0740)=0 readWord(addr=0x400e0940)=0 version()= chipId=00000000 Unsupported processor

I'm not sure which chipId it is referring to, as I had reprogrammed the FTDI chip and it has a chipId of 6001. I've spent a lot of time googling this problem but I can't seem to pinpoint the cause as to why it is not recognized by the IDE. I followed this guide for unbricking FTDIs: I believe the drivers are properly installed on the computer, now it just has to upload the code!

Thanks in advance for any help or insights!

Not a solution to your problem, but worth mentioning:

Warning: Unlike most Arduino boards, the Arduino Due board runs at 3.3V. The maximum voltage that the I/O pins can tolerate is 3.3V. Applying voltages higher than 3.3V to any I/O pin could damage the board.

(Arduino product page)

Yes that is true, However the board I have does not seem to support 5V. So unless that's a problem to send across the serial, the 5V is going into the 5V port on the board. Although it could be a problem...

The Due may be fried by connecting 5V inputs.

The Due is definitely not fried with these 5V inputs. However, I still am unable to get anything to send to the chip. I’ve tried the Arduino USB2Serial 16u2, FTDI and PL2303.
I feel like it may be a problem with the ERASE and RESET pins, but I am not sure the order or how to connect them. Any suggestions?


Isn't the bootloader factory installed into the Due chip. Also why would you need a serial adapter as the chip also has a native USB port which can take arduino code directly.

When programming other Atmel chips in barebones designs I leave CTS open circuit and not connected to ground.