Programming a EL Sequencer

I have a EL Sequencer and FTDI 5V breakout board. I have been have been unable to program it. All my attempts get some variation of "programmer is not responding".

I was using these instructions as a starting place. I soldered the 6 pinholes as indicated. I have connected everything. I am not sure if I should switch the FTDI jumper to 3.3V (it is currently at 5V). The pin in the EL Sequencer is labelled 5V, but the instructions also say "the EL Sequencer runs an ATmega328p at 8 MHz and 3.3V". Should I change the jumper to 3.3V?

I have downloaded the latest IDE from here. But there is no board option for the EL Sequencer. What board should I select?

Anything else I need to do to program the EL Sequencer?

Thank you,


Look at this: Under "Board Selection" near the bottom of the document, you find the information about the board you have to select (it is the LilyPad Arduino with ATMEGA328) but read it for yourself because it also tells you about the orientation of the FTDI cable socket etc.