Programming a PIC16F883 with Arduino



Hi, my name is, artistblock307

I want to build a Atmel BASIC code interpreter (in other words a atmel based mini computer that works out BASIC functions).

here is a good example by Ben Heck: Build a Retro Computer: BASIC 80's Pocket Computer - YouTube

Later on, after a lot of research I found this version: My tiny computer final version - YouTube

anyway, to build either you need to hack a xbox chatpad or as shown in different versions a massive ps/2 keyboard. Now since I want to keep the project portable, I want to know is there a way to use an arduino as a pic kit, since buying a pickit3 is expensive for a one time use. Maybe, for example, like how if you can remove the atmega328 from the board and use it as a ttl to usb converter

Does anyone if it's possible?


I too am trying to build a version of the Retro 80s style BASIC computer (using a Nokia 5110 with my custom text only frame buffer - 84 bytes, 6 lines x 14 character, bottoms up, single line backspacing and tab supported).

Arduino IDE 1.5 (Tiny BASIC and Tiny BASIC Plus won't compile in any IDE much higher than this)

Arduino Uno R3 (will change to Arduino Nano after testing)

2 AA to USB power supply ($1 from Dollar Tree) (will update to 2200mAh or larger USB rechargeable battery pack plus a pulsing "keep awake" circuit with passthru)

Nokia 5110 LCD (custom text only frame buffer, only library to load is for PROGMEM), 6x8 fixed spacing font (5x7 with 1 pixel horizontal and vertical spacing built in, underline possible by OR'ing 128 to the output bytes), codes 1-6, 11, 12, 14-31 available for custom characters (7 = bell/tone to be added if speaker connected, 8= BS, 9=Tab, 10=LF, 13=CR).

Chatpad (still attempting to reprogram)

Tiny Basic 0.03 (I have tried several times to add both LCD 20x4 and Nokia (individually/not at same time) displays to 0.13 and it fails). I have asked Bluellama if I can get a copy of source codes/sketches between 0.03 and 0.13 so I can see how far up I can go before failure.

I did try connecting and testing the cliffe! library (less work and reusable if I ever get an XBOX 360/1) and kept getting garbage. So I decided to try reprogramming the PIC16F883.

And I just found a BIG problem: seems Microsoft (or someone else) caught on to the re-purposing of the Chatpad. The one I got has the "Code Protection" flag set and you can't dump new code using the Programmer.
Looks like it needs a full IDE (MPLAB) to read flags, clear "Code Protection", reset/set flags as needed, bulk erase, and write code.

I don't know which one to use, especially with my PICKIT 2 and web searches don't show supported chips (and installing/uninstalling each and every one is ridiculous, it should be in the program's description or readme).

Any help is appreciated.

This is an Arduino Forum and Arduinos use Atmel MCUs. I strongly suspect you need advice from a PIC or MicroChip Forum.

It will not have escaped your notice that there were no replies to the Original Post even after 6 months.