programming a spi tft lcd display

I'm working on a cosplay prop and am trying my hand at doing the programming for it myself but I am compleatly new at this. I am usuing an arduino nano and have a HiLetgo 2.2" 2.2 Inch ILI9341 SPI TFT LCD Display 240x320 ILI9341 LCD Screen with SD Card Slot for Arduino Raspberry Pi 51/AVR/STM32/ARM/PIC for the display. All I need it to do is have a blinking red led and have the screen show the word sending and then an image. Where is a good place to start learning to code this?

You are undoubtedly going to use an ILI9341 library to provide the code for your display. Most libraries come with example programs so typically that would be a good place to start.

In your case you should actually start by getting the blinking red LED working.