programming a supervisor based on Arduino

Hello my friends... I'm preparing my final project study this project is a supervisor with an Arduino Mega board with lcd 16 * 2 of an extruder machine. the quantities a controlled are:

the temperature of six areas (6 thermocouples) level reducer oil

For the temperature will be measured with a J-type thermocouple (analog signial) rotaion for speed will be measured with the tachometer (signial analogiue) ..

Each error to display the error and its location for example (err_temp_Zone0) or (err_temp_Zone1) .....

I find a difficulty:

1- convert thermocouple types J signial to Arduino

2 to make a plan for project programming

I did not find a competant person for this operation ... which can help me please it's urgent !!!! (Inbox)

and thank you

Are you offering money?

sorry...looking for help not for buying

om-tra: sorry...looking for help not for buying

You will only get that kind of help here if you show due diligence. Have a try at putting together the code, post it here in code tags, and many people will be glad to help with any problems.

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AFAIK the Mega can use differential analog inputs and includes an amplifier that may be able to make the thermocouple output directly readable.