Programming all sorts of AVR's with the Arduino IDE.

Hello everybody,

I have some difficulties to find hardwares for ex. the ATmega32 or other Atmel boards that I want to program with the Arduino IDE.
So, if someone has additional hardware files for all sorts of Atmel MCUs (including the ATmega32 and ATtiny2313), Can you please send me a link to those files ??

Thanks in advance !!!

PS : Excuse me for my bad english (if it is bad :wink: ). Feel free to correct me !!

The other chips need a /variants folder created, a boards.txt file for the chip, a pins_aduino.h file for the chip, and the core files. See here as an example for the Atmega1284P:

Those 2 chips have been done before, I don't know where to point you to to find them tho.

OKay, thanks :)

Hello again,

After a bit of research, I found the files I need !! So if you want those hardware files (for the ATtiny24,25,44,45,84,85,2313,4313 ; ATmega32 (and some others)), go to this download link :