Programming an Arduino Uno v1


Please let me know if programming an Arduino Uno v1 differs from programming an Arduino Uno v3. My v1 Uno is failing to load sketches.

Thanks, Brian

I'm not sure what the v1 was. I think no, there is no difference in programming. The UNO used ATmega328P MCU since the beginning. The ATmega8U2 as USB/serial transceiver is the only bigger difference and shorter headers (v3 has redundant SCL, SDA pins). If it fails to load sketches, it can be incorrect setting, missing bootloader, bad connection, HW failure... Please, post detailed information about your problem, e.g. output log, settings.

It should be the same. The major changes in the V3 were the addition of the extra I2C pins. Hmm. And perhaps the diode clamp fix for RESET, which could cause failure to load sketches.