Programming an Arduino via an HM-10 BLE

Hi All, I currently use a Nano connecting to an HM-10 which is on a TTL converter board.

i'm looking at switching to the Pro Mini 3.3V Arduino and using the HM-10 without the TTL board as it won't be needed.

what I would like to do is to use the HM-10 not only within code to communicate, but also to do over the air programming of the Arduino from the arduino IDE.

Is this possible and if so what would i need to do?


What is an HM-10 ?

HM-10 is a BLE device, bluetooth to serial loads on ebay...

The hard part will be getting the Arduino to reset at the right time. When using a USB-to-Serial adapter the DTR signal is used to reset the Arduino. I don’t know if the DTR signal is available from the HM-10.

First try uploading with the existing hardware. If that fails, try a manual reset: push and release the reset button on the Arduino when the RX light blinks after you start an upload. If that works, see if there are any pins on the HM-10 that go HIGH, then LOW as part of the upload process. If you connect that through a 10nF (0.01pF) capacitor to the Reset pin it might do the auto-reset. Note that this will reset the Arduino every time the serial connection is opened.

thanks John, i have it programming via c# app that sends the sketch using AVRDUDE which works via serial connection using DTR.

if I disconnect DTR it fails as I would expect from what you have said.

If i press reset at the right time it works without DTR.

I have enabled WDT to reboot the ProMicro and I'm using the latest Opti boot, however I don't think the WDT is putting it in the same state as a hard reset?

the idea was to send a command that enables a WDT reboot and then load the sketch but i don't know if the reboot via WDT is putting it in the correct mode or if my timing is way off!

is there a way to increase the number of times Avrdude retries?