Programming an Arduino with a photocell

I'm completely new regarding Arduino. Therefore, I don't know how to program because I don't know C++ not do I know java programming language. I need to set a motor to turn on at sunset and sunrise for just one minute with the help of a photocell. It's a project I have to lift and roll down a chicken coop door. Please, help me for I don't know a thing about electronics, but I'm willing to learn.

Over the years that I have been on this forum I have seen many chicken coop projects. Search for "Arduino chicken coop" to see what others have done.

Do you have an Arduino board ?
Start with a blinking led, that is how we all started.
The "Blink" example is in the menu of the Arduino IDE (the program, the environment to compile the code) but also online:
Have you installed the Arduino IDE ?

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Thanks, I'll start by what you recommend

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