Programming an AVR chip w/ RPi and linuxspi

Hello everybody

I have installed the Arduino software on my Raspberry Pi and I want to program my chips (not Arduino boards) with the linuxspi (or even linuxgpio) programmer of avrdude

I have no problem using avrdude to access and flash my chips but I can't find anywhere* how to use it with the Arduino software

Does anybody know how to do this?

  • well actually I saw people using the following with other purposes but it doesn't work (I get this error "Board at COM1 is not available")
pi_grammer.program.extra_params=-P /dev/spidev0.0 -b 2000000

This is something I've spent some time looking into. The latest version of avrdude from Arduino (6.3.0-arduino14) does support linuxspi. Unfortunately, there is a bug in the linuxspi code used in that avrdude version, which causes failures when avrdude is not run as superuser. I submitted a patch for the bug which has been merged by both the author of of the linuxspi programmer patch:

as well as Arduino:

but Arduino has not made a new release since that time.

Once the new version of avrdude is released by Arduino, I'll see if they're willing to add a linuxspi programmer to Arduino AVR Boards. If they're not, I'll publish a 3rd party hardware package that can be used to add that programmer.

You can find documentation of my work here:

Other links of interest:

I get this error "Board at COM1 is not available"

You definitely shouldn't be getting that error. Are you doing a Sketch > Upload Using Programmer, or a standard Upload? You should be doing the former.

I already looked at a couple of these links and they already helped me
The actual problem this time was I was indeed using standard upload
Thanks a lot for your help, for your answer here but also for your resources I found before asking on this forum!

You're very welcome. I'm glad to hear it's working now. Enjoy!