programming an esplora with an UNO as ISP

As my esplora won't show herself on any PC's com port, I want to try to program it using an UNO as ISP. If I can get this to work I will burn a new bootloader on it.
I connected:

esplora UNO

miso > miso
mosi > mosi
sck > sck
reset > Digital pin 10
gnd > gnd
5V > 5V

I also have a small elco on the uno from reset > gnd. I succesfuly programmed attinys like this in the past, but now it is not working.

when I hit upload I see uploading... and I see the green loading bar, but after a short time the green loading bar disappears while the IDE still says uploading... and the LED is not blinking...

Does anybody sees what I am doing wrong? or can't I program an atmega32u4 using UNO as ISP like this?

What exactly are you doing when you say "I hit upload"? Are you going to the file or sketch menu and selecting "upload using programmer"?

I tried both upload (Ctrl + U) and upload using programmer (Ctrl + Shift + U) it doesn't work

Troubleshooting steps I would do when facing an issue like that:
Double check wiring.
Triple check the ground wire in particular.
Make sure nothing other than the programmer is attached to the target Arduino.
In the IDE preferences enable verbose output for upload.

Working with the UNO alone for a few troubleshooting steps:
--Verify the UNO works for uploading a simple script such as blink. If blink is already on it, change the blink rate to something faster or slower and upload the modified blink to verify it is actually taking an updated sketch.
--After the sketch is uploaded, disable automatic reset with the 10uF or greater capacitor attached between GND and RST and then open serial monitor and verify the blinking is not interrupted, which is an indication of reset.
--Re-upload the ArduinoISP sketch. To do that, temporarily remove the capacitor or press reset button during upload from IDE.
--Attach Error, Heartbeat, and Programming LEDs with resistors to the appropriate pins of the programmer Arduino. The pin numbers are documented inside the ArduinoISP sketch.

Upload a sketch or burn bootloader on some device other than the target Arduino you are having trouble with, for example send a blink sketch to another UNO. This will verify your programmer Arduino is indeed functioning well as a programmer.
Use the ICSP header pins on the programmer Arduino as well as on the target Arduino. Only exception is pin 10 on the programmer Arduino goes to the reset pin on the target Arduino. Use pin 5 of the ICSP header for the reset pin on the target Arduino.
If the target Arduino has a power LED verify it lights at the normal brightness.
Check for the dot near pin 1 of the ICSP header on programmer and target Arduinos to make sure connections are not made upside down.
Try Nick Gammon's bootloader burner script, Atmega_Board_Programmer. Gammon Forum : Electronics : Microprocessors : Atmega bootloader programmer

well I managed to upload the blink sketch now im going to look for a new bootloader. I read there is a bootloader with a 3 second start time instead of the current 8 second. I think imma gonna try that.