Programming an Liukouu H7EC-NV DC 3-36V Digital Electrical Counter


I am currently creating a test rig to test a solenoid valve, I need to measure this to 5 million. The counter I am using is a cheap version of the Omron H7ec. I am using an arduino Uno board to help programme this. Can someone help me with how to programme this counter; I have tried the lcd.begin but I cannot find the row and columns of the counter to put into my programme. Am i missing something or do I need to try something else. I have copied my v.rough copy below.

#include <LiquidCrystal.h>

int LiquidCrystal,lcd(13,12);
int led = 7;
int count=0;
int solenoidPin = 9; //This is the output pin on the Arduino

void setup() {

pinMode(led, INPUT);
pinMode (solenoidPin, OUTPUT);

void loop()
{ digitalWrite(solenoidPin, HIGH); //Switch Solenoid ON
delay(250); //Wait 1 Second
digitalWrite(solenoidPin, LOW); //Switch Solenoid OFF
delay(0); //Wait 1 Second
if (digitalRead(solenoidPin) ==HIGH){
while(digitalRead(solenoidPin) ==HIGH);