Programming and calibrating an Arduino Nano (accelerometer and barometer)

I em programming an arduino nano for my high school physics class. We are going to shoot the arduino up in a rocket to measure the acceleration, temp, air pressure and altitude. I'm trying to map the values from the accelerometer so they can be stored on the EEPROM and then retrieved latter so I can see it latter. Can you help because it is not changing the value that is getting serial printed at all.


int address = 0;

int xpin = A1; int ypin = A2; int zpin = A3;

int sda = A4; int scl = A5;

byte val;

void setup() { Serial.begin(9600); map(analogRead(xpin),0,1023,0,255); }

void loop() { Serial.print("xpin"); Serial.println(analogRead(xpin));

Serial.print("ypin"); Serial.println(analogRead(ypin));

Serial.print("zpin"); Serial.println(analogRead(zpin)); Serial.println( );

delay(1000); }

And what is the model number of the Accelerometer you are using?