Programming and parsing over internet

Hi all,
Fairly new with arduino and love it. I am working on a project and this is my first run through with arduino. I’m trying to build a code to let me know when a machine has been turned on, by a selector switch, it will then record this and transfer me some sort of file .txt or .csv. I need some help on where to begin. I also need to transfer this file remotely using a HOTSPOT (OpConnect device) that has a static IP address. I need to find someway it can send it to me. I have read articles that I can send it to my email or I have host a webpage.

easiest case scenario I can have the data sent to me to my email then parse it in excel.

Routine I want it to go is…

  1. Log data when machine is turned on
  2. Store data
  3. Store in some useable file
  4. Send data weekly or monthly to my email or a place I can extract it from.


What comes around goes around. The help I receive I always pay forward

That HOTSPOT you mean WiFi hotspot? If so go for a NodeMCU or WeMOS device (ESP8266 processor based), they have built-in WiFi. They have less I/O pins than an Arduino but it sounds like you only need a few for this project, so that's no problem.

Then when you have the data on your ESP device and you're connected to the Internet you can simply create a POST or GET request to a web server (which then processes it), or you can write it to an external MySQL database, or you can create and send out an e-mail with the data, etc.

It’s a hotspot, yes. […] You can only connect to this via an Ethernet cable.

I ask “is that a WiFi hotspot”, you appear to confirm it is, but can only connect by cable, so it isn’t a WiFi hotspot but something else that confusingly seems to share the same name. Please don’t be ambiguous in your posts, as I and other readers here don’t know anything about your project.

So if wired, get an Ethernet shield for your Arduino, connect it to the Internet, and then continue as outlined above.