Programming another AtMega through ISP?

I read about the Programmer2 and Mega-ISP projects, but can anyone put these into simpler terms?

I just want to be able to burn a bootloader onto a separate AtMega (I have 88s) and then be able to upload sketches using my existing USB board because I don't want to buy a new programmer.

Any help appreciated.

To burn a bootloader, you need something lke this :

However for a small number its probably cheaper to buy them with a bootloader already burnt.

I already have a few AtMega88s like I stated in the first post. I'll need to burn them with "a" bootloader (Probably AdaBoot, unless there's an easy way to lower the sketch delay on startup on the official bootloader, and clock them at 4Mhz[I'm using an external crystal]). Pre-burned AtMegas are out of the question.

I'd rather not buy an external programmer since I read that you can program another AtMega over ISP using an existing Arduino USB board.

My AtMegas are TQFP, so I can't use a traditional programmer without some work. I find it would be easier to just wire them each up to my Arduino USB and program that way.

If it's not possible, then what's the point of Mega-ISP and Programmer2?

Oh, and my Arduino USB has a dead 328 in it (I think it's dead), I hope that doesn't ruin my chances of using it as an ISP programmer.

Edit: Would this suffice as a programmer? Actually I found the programer I'll make here:

I guess that's it. I'll make that and program them using that.

OK if you’ve still got a PC with a parallel port and it works, theres a fair body of evidence on here that the circuit doesn’t work on all ports.

Another thread on the subject :

Thanks. I won't be able to test it out until I get my other topic answered though...