Programming Arduino BT using AVRISP mkII

I am working on a program that will mess with some of the bluetooth settings of the bluegiga. Because of this I would like to upload sketches using the avrisp mkII programmer. I also find the basic uploading of a sketch using the bluetooth a little bit cumbersome. I know that arduino 10 has the capabilities to burn the bootloader, but is there an easy way to upload my regular sketches using the cable and the arduino software? any help is greatly appreciated.

no one knows if this is possible? or how it might be done? Having this capability would be an excellent feature I feel if it hasn’t already been implemented

I don't have a BT model in my arsenal, but would be glad to test it you'd like to donate one. :)

Seriously, does it have an ICSP header? Thew schematic shows one. If so, I think that pretty much answers the question.


In Arduino 0011, you'll be able to upload sketches from the IDE. Currently, you'll need to use avrdude from the command line.

Great, that was the answer I was looking for. Do you have any idea of what the timeline looks for the release of 011? I will go and look into using the command line, are there any tutorials or any reference material that would point me in the right direction. Thanks again for the help.

If you set upload.verbose to true in your preferences file, you can see the command line used for uploading via USB - you don’t need to change much to use the AVRISPmkII instead: remove the -b19200, change stk500v1 to stk500v2 and change the serial port to ‘usb’ (I think that’s it).