Programming Arduino compatable with FTDI cable

I am trying to program a Microduino board with an FTDI cable and am having no luck. The board has no reset button. only reset pin. It has Rx and Tx pin, GND, and a 3.3V pin (the board runs on 3.3v supply) as well as a 5V pin. I have check their forums and wiki page and found nothing. Even posted to their forums but got nothing after 2 weeks. My main problem is what pins on the Microduino should be connected to what pins on the FTDI cable and I am not sure how to reset the board to upload code to it.

Isn't FTDI a serial interface ??? This means that RX on your duino connects to TX on the FTDI side , and TX on your duino connects to RX on the FTDI side

Make sure you connect both gnd as well..........Needless to say, your FTDI module must be supplied with power ....