Programming arduino to control led strip and ac lights

There will be a web interface with x modes only one can be on at one time and when choosing one it turns the other off the modes will control the 2 spotlights by using a ac dimming circuit and will control the LEDs by simulating a button press on the remote there will also be a physical switch with x buttons on to control the modes aswell as the interface there also can only be one on so they will have to be capacitive of push.

I want the first mode to send a signal to the ac dimmer to dim it low and wait until the mode is switched to where it changes the amount of dim for example if I watch a movie and put it onto movie mode the ac lights will dim and when I finish the movie and put it back to normal mode they will go back to full brightness

I also need a fully off mode

Two problems:

it's not easy to figure out what kind of circuitry you're going to use;

what, exactly, is your question?


Dgesj can you go back and read your post.
Then post another explaining what you have, what you want to do, and what is the application.

Please take your time and reread what you say, I have some idea what you are talking about.

Tom… :slight_smile:

ok so i have an arduino and an Ethernet shield and on witch i want to run a web server that will have 2 buttons to control 3 separate modes in my room (only one can be on at at a time) it also needs 3 physical buttons to change the mode also there has to be one mode activated at all times which may or may not make it simpler so if i click the one mode that is already active it will switch to the off mode

i need to control a rgb led strip and AC lights (LED spotlights)

Mode one (Normal) i want the AC lights to be on full brightness and the rgb led strip to be on green

mode two (Movie) i want the AC lights to dim and the led lights to go white

mode three(off) i need everything to fully turn off in this mode

i found this to controll the brightness of the AC lights( ) But i dont know if this one will work with the led spotlights

and was thinking of soldering some wires onto the remote for the led light strip and send a pulse to it to simulate that some one had pressed the button

i have access to be able to fabricate circuits

i hope that that was a better explanation

I suggest you develop your system control using the serial monitor first, then when it is working, intergrate it into a web setup.

Hey do you have any idea of how to add the switches to control the modes

add the switches

Are these wired hardware switches or some type of software switches?

There wired hardware. I did some research and saw that I could control lightwaverf dimmer switches using a program called openhab and setup an arduino with mqtt so it can send commands onto openhab I haven't wet worked out fully how it works yet and need some way to control led strips and set modes I watched this great video which gave me the ideas