Programming arduino using usb to parallel port cable

The parallel programmer circuit for programming avr chips, have a simplified circuitry. I’ve built one (DAPA Programmer), and it is superfast in programming the mcu’s. But I have a doubt whether the same circuit will work with a usb to parallel port cable (a usb printer cable) so that I can program it with my laptop. Can someone help me with this?.

Could use more information:

Could you post a circuit diagram?

What parallel port mode does your programmer require - STD mode, EPP mode, ECP mode? There's also different versions of each mode ... please specify.

What software and drivers are you using on the PC end?

Are you considering using an Arduino as a USB to parallel port converter?
If so, which Arduino?

What do you have so far?

I have no idea about parallel port modes. I have a arduino parallel port programmer mentioned in this link.

Arduino - ParallelProgrammer.

I'm not considering arduino as a USB to parallel port converter. I wanted to know whether the circuit given in the link will work when i connect it with a usb to D25 parallel port converter.

Looks like a simple circuit. Why not give it a try? In the link it says you'll need to use "giveio" software.