Programming arduino with bluetooth module

Hi everyone, I wanna to ask you. Is it possible to PROGRAM arduino through bluetooth module, not CONTROL. Because I wanna to program arduino with my android tablet Samsung galaxy tab 3 8.0". I tried to program with arduDroid, but i get some problems (one with delay). I don't know any android app, which allow to program. Thx for help.
P. S. Bluetooth module is JY-MCU, I have arduino uno and mega 2560.

AFIK there is no easy way to do this, because most bluetooth modules only have RX and TX and not DTR.
DTR is needed to reset the arduino just prior to the data being uploaded.

Also I wasn't aware of any Android software that supported a connection via Bluetooth.
ArduDroid is not a uploader.

ArduinoDroid is an Android IDE for Arduino but I don't think it will upload via bluetooth.