Programming Arduino with XBee USB adapter

Hi Everyone,

I hope I posted this in the right location... Recently I got a few ATMega328's from Atmel and burned the Arduino bootloader onto them. The question is that: I have a Parallax XBee USB adapter with a FTDI chip onboard. Will I be able to use it to upload sketches to my ATmega's? I checked the FTDI Breakout Board/Cable and found out that the connections needed are RX, TX, and DTR (for the auto-reset function) which are all available on the XBee board. I'll also probably have to burn the Arduino Dumilanove bootloader because I'm using the FTDI chip and not the ATMega8u2/32u4. Please let me know how I should approach this.

Thanks in Advance! Mr_E

I don't see why it would not work but I think it would be easier and more practical to buy the correct breakout board. They are not all that expensive that the long term gain is worth it.

If you do use the XBee programmer, 3v3 is the Vcc(IO) second from the top (Vss/Gnd) of the J3 0.1" header (Left). 5v (from USB) seem to be Vdd on the J4 header very bottom. With Rx, Tx and DTR, your good to go.

But, smeezekitty is right, a dedicated FTDI is $15.

Yes, I do plan on purchasing a FTDI breakout cable (something like $17.25 on Sparkfun) but I was hoping to use the parallax adapter until I actually do buy the product...Thanks for all the input!

Cheers! Mr_E