Programming ATMEGA2560 via FT231X

Hello everybody,
I have problem with programming standalone ATMEGA2560 in my project via FT231X over ARDUINO IDE.

First of all, I loaded bootloader throught Arduino UNO R3 as ISP over JTAG to my ATMEGA2560. This procedure going well. However, problem is, when I want to compile some code in ARDUINO IDE and burn this code into my ATMEGA2560 over USB serial converter FT231X. In ARDUINO IDE shows errors with timeouts. Can you look on my wiring diagram and tell me, if there is some problem in wiring or elsewhere? :frowning:

Thank you very much for any help :slight_smile:


R55 seems odd (are there two r55s?) Jp4 is weird. Are all the jumpers installed in the right places? Have you tried a loopback test? Does the chip reset?

R54 is 0ohm and R55 is not conected on board. Jumpers are just for debuging, but I have conected them in proper way. How to test if atmega is reseting? and how to make a loopback test please? :frowning: … I also tried to to bypass FT231X and connect via this jumpers arduino UNO R3 as serial programer, but without succes. I have checked conection betwen MEGA2560 RX TX with FT231X TX RX wtih voltmeter via"beep test" and they are 100%. Photo in attachements.