Programming ATMEGA328 only without Arduino

Hi to all!
I’m very new to this blog, as well on ATMEGA328 microprocessor.
I would like to program this chip with embedded bootloader. I’ve bought it on ebay
And I’ve haven’t the Arduino Board.
After building the proto-board, I’ve tried to use the Pony prog + USB to serial cable, with no success.
I tried also the parallel cable. I always get “No device (-24)” error, regardless of what I try to do.
Since I want to program the chip IN CIRCUIT, to have the possibility to reprogram it later, I think I’m making always the same error.
But I don’t realize where it is.
Please note that I used the 6 pin ICSP and the connections to the right uP pins are done using the same name, so they are connected even if it is not drawn.
Can anyone help me?
enclosed is the circuitry I did.

Trash Compactor - Schematic.pdf (80.3 KB)