programming atmega328 w/ arduino code using usb to serial module

Hey folks,

I'm having trouble programming my atmega328 with a usb to serial adapter I got. So I bought one of these adapters right here: The problem is I'm not 100% sure on how to the thing up and I'm also not sure how set up the arduino IDE for use with it either.

Right now I basically have some sort of an arduino on a breadboard set up to run a simple blink program. It is blinking as intended and is working fine. However, I can't seem to get the usb module to work for programming the setup. No matter what arrangement I try it gives that "Non in sync" error.

The pins on the module read as follows: GRN DTR RX TX VCC CTS BLK GND

I know where some of these are supposed get hooked up but not all of them. I pretty sure VCC goes to the +5v pin, BLK GND goes to ground, RX goes to TX on the chip, TX goes to RX on the chip. The other two, CTS and GRN DTR, I am not too sure about. I tried conecting GRN DTR to the reset pin but it didn't seem to help much.

So, does anybody know how I should wire this up so that I would be able to program the chip?

And then my next issue: How should I set up the Arduino IDE to program with this? What should the programmer option be set to? And what board type should I set it to?

Thanks in advance!

t. I tried conecting GRN DTR to the reset pin but it didn't seem to help much.

Was this through a 0.1uF seriese capacitor? It needs to be.

Just choose the one that says 382

Ahh, I did not realize a cap was required. I set one up and it works now. Thanks!