Programming atmega328 with FT231XQ

Hello to the community!
I've got a task from my university to make something like arduino but with that component that exists in our stock, I found only FT231XQ-R as UART USB interface, can someone check it please, will it works and reprogram the atmega328?
Picture of schematic in attachment

With that chip you can make about the same board as a Duemillanove.

In your schematics, RESET is not connected to the ATmega, so you probably get problems burning a bootloader onto it.

You need 0.1uF caps on VCC, VCC, AVCC, Aref. It looks like you might have a couple, but they are drawn with the regulator. 47uF and 47uF on the 7805 might be overkill, 10uF and 1uF are often enough. Depends on your power source. Many boards, I just bring in 5V from a regulated supply instead (5V wallwart).

Do not connect Aref to Vcc (yours looks okay there). Your Aref connecter needs to be on the other side of the cap, otherwise it is just Gnd.

DTR needs to go thru a 0.1uF cap to the Reset pin (PC6, pin 29), with a 10K pullup to Vcc. DTR output is a low level when active, the cap and resistor make it a low level pulse instead.

can someone check it please, will it works and reprogram the atmega328?

Yes, that does seem to be a plausible adaptation of a Duemilanove with trivial features of a UNO (which it is of course, clearly not :grinning: ).

When you refer to "reprogram the atmega328", bear in mind that you first need to arrange to put the bootloader on the 328, using either a USBASP or - another Arduino. After that, you can upload sketches using the serial interface.