Programming ATmega328p-au and ATtiny44,45,84,85 smd chips without bootloader.

Is it possible to program a ATmega328p-au or ATtiny44,45,84,85 smd chips without bootloader with a FDTI adapter ?

Or must I use the ISP6 pin first for burning the bootloader and then use the FDTI for further programming of the chip ?

Thank you for your help ;)

Take a look at:

Note that there is a sequence that must be followed when programming an 85. Pay particular attention to the placement/removal of the 10uF cap. I've used the 328 so many times that I built a little perf shield with a 2-pin header on it so it's easy to add and remove the cap.

Can I use this for the ATMega328P-AU chip. ?

Just connect the ISP to the chip (and the other things needed to operate the chip like crystal and so on.)

And then use Arduino uno as ISP, with an atmega328p-au board like the pro-mini. ?

and by the way, thanks econjack ;)

i tried to make this work by copying the core files to my Docuemtns-folder but it didn’t work.
Can it be, that i need exactly version 1.0.x or 0222 (What is this?)
I have (of course) an ewer version installed. 1.5.x
Do i need to downgrade?