Programming Atmega328p with Arduino Due

Hey everyone, i'm new to Arduino programming and i've built a custom PCB with an Atmega328p on it. The problem is that I'm trying to burn the bootloader on it using a Arduino due board as an ISP. I was wondering if that's possible because when i connect my board via jump wires to the Arduino ISP i'm not able to see the port under tools and it gives me a COM port error on both OSX and Windows 10. If i disconnect my board i can successfully see a serial port on the Arduino due and i'm able to upload a sketch. Do I need to buy an Arduino Uno for my 328p? Any advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

I would recommend you buy a $3 USBAsp from ebay for your ISP programming needs. Cheap and just works, and you don't have to keep setting up the wiring on one of your boards (esp. since most boards have the 6-pin ISP header).

Be sure to get one with the 10-pin to 6-pin adapter or a 6-pin connector on the end of it's cable.

Buy a USBTinyISP instead, you will get trouble with USBAsp's driver in windows 10

I run USBAsp on Win10 with no issues. There's an ancient USBAsp driver floating around that doesn't work - don't use that one, use the new version. Google will find it, I don't have the link handy.

USBAsp is a good option. But I don't understand why you are getting error programming via ISP. I always use ISP approach to program Atmega 328, 32 and 16, even though I have a USBAsp, I haven't used it.

I always use Arduino Uno as ISP, I think it should work well with Due as well.

If you could share your schema, some one might be able to help you.