programming attiny with 1.02 ide

Hi Guys,

I'm following this tutorial to program my attiny. Index of /

I was able to do it before (like a year ago) but I can't do it now.. Is it because of the IDE version I'm using? I was successful using 0023 before, now im on 1.02.

Tips anyone? :slight_smile:

but I can't do it now

Maybe you need some Viagra?

Or, perhaps, you need to be just bit less cagey about what "it" is, and explain what happens when you try to do "it".

I doubt it's an ide issue in as far as 1.0.X since the how to lists using 1.0.4

Which ATtiny are you using?

You mentioned you'd programed them before, did you ever set the fuse to use the reset as an IO pin? if so you can't reprogram them with the arduino.