Programming ATtiny2313

I uploaded the ArduinoISP to my duemilanove, then, when trying to upload the blink example to an ATtiny2313, I got:


I am using codingbadly's cores, and have followed hlt's tutorial and the arduinoisp tutorial, to no luck.


Locate and open the "programmers.txt" file that came with the core. Locate this line...

# attiny2313at8.upload.using=arduino:arduinoisp

...and remove the "# " that's in front. Locate this line (it's the next line)...


...and put a "#" character in front.

Close and save the file. Ensure "ATtiny2313 @ 8 MHz" is selected when you upload.

Yep... I just found that. However, the timing seems to be off... while running the blink example, the 1Mhz clock behaved perfectly, but the 8Mhz clock was VERY slow. I checked the boards.txt file for errors, and don't see any... Any ideas?

When a processor leaves the factory, it is configured to run at 1 MHz using the internal oscillator. You can either change the fuses or fiddle with a register to get the processor running at 8 MHz. I suggest changing the fuses...

• Ensure the Arduino ISP sketch is loaded and ready

• Connect the Arduino to the ATtiny2313 as you would for programming

• Start the Arduino IDE

• Select the "ATtiny2313 @ 8 MHz" board

• Click [u]Tools[/u] / [u]Burn Bootloader[/u] / [u]Arduino as ISP[/u]

When finished, the ATtiny2313 is erased and configured to run at 8 MHz.

Oh... Not only must I change the board, I also need to burn the new fuses!! Alright. I will try that.

Thanks alot! baum