programming ATTiny85 with arduino mega2560

hello arduinistas, i am new with arduino, when i try to upload my application i found similar troubles like some of you. surfing the web I found the solution.

Mr Mellis in the next page explain how to use the SPI, the "arduinoISP" sketch, and the tutorial on this URL, but for reference the old tutorial link is the procedure i did and got the programming done was:

step 1 update to arduino 1.0.1 step 2 install the software for the attiny step 3 use the complete SPI (MISO, MOSI, SCK AND SS), SS INSTEAD OF RESET, to connections, verify whiy arduinomega 2560 shcematics the pins shalll be 50, 51,52,53 plus vcc and ground it is possible to use the icsp conector located close to the big chip but not the pin5 (reset), instead the SS pin 53 must be used. step 4 once wired, select on the board menu from tools the "arduino mega2560 board, on programmer menu "arduino as isp" step 5 upload the "arduinoisp" sketch and upload step 6 select now you attiny target from the board menu adn open your application sketch step 7 upload your application