programming blank nina-W102 module with "update firmware arduino tool"


I'm designing a smwartwatch based on the components of arduino nano 33 iot (I used arduino nano 33 for testing software).

I have now a complete custom board with ATSAMD and nina-W102 with blank flash. Do you know if I can use the "update firmware" tool from arduino-nina library to program nina-firmware for the first time into NINA-W102 ?

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Edit: I'm not entirely sure this fits under programming per say but I'm glad I caught it! I'm sure someone will complain if it doesn't meet the criteria :confused:

Absolutely! I'm at work right now but when I get home in a couple hours, I'll send you screen shots of the process. You will need the following thought to do it:

You will also need to have put pads on your custom board for writing the bootloader to it like the 5 pads on the back of the Nano 33 IoT.

I've done this with one IoT to another IoT successfully. You will need a SAMD architecture in order to do this.

Read through that guide and read it again, then once more, and then again because you need to make sure that you get this right or it will not work. But I can tell you from experience, it absolutely does work :slight_smile:

yes you can. the flashing uses the ROM bootloader of the ESP32 on NINA module

I removed my off topic complain to Supernovali, because even adrioxu didn't mention the SAMD bootloader, Supernovali had the experience about required steps. Supernovali, sorry


Thanks a lot for your answers !

So finally I found a way to test it tonight, and in case you are interested in the result : it works fine !

I put on a blank ATSAMD21 and blank NINA-W102. First I flashed ATSAMD21 with a nano iot 33 and an SD shield with the Pert methode described in :

Then I flashed the "FirmwareUpdater" from wifiNina library and used firmware updater tool from arduino IDE to flash the ninafirmare (1.3.0 in my case). It worked fine to upload the binary in an empty out from factory nina module through the ATSAMD21.
For electrical connection, I copied the wiring of ATSAMD and NINA from arduino nano iot 33.

Final result with a simple wifiscan :slight_smile:


Very nice my good sir! And no worries, I didn't even see the complaint. I got so busy with family life I couldn't get around to it when I said I could! So glad it worked :slight_smile:

Good luck with the project sir!

Edit: Also! They have 1.8.0 available for the NINA... However, I think they removed it due to a bug? Not sure. I checked about a week ago and it still wasn't back. I've been using 1.7.9 for now. You can use the beta build of the IDE to get quick access to the newer firmware :slight_smile:

nina-fw is at 1.4.1 Releases · arduino/nina-fw · GitHub

SAMD core is at 1.8.9 Releases · arduino/ArduinoCore-samd · GitHub