Programming clone with arduino uno?

Just wanted to ask- can you program an arduino clone ( that needs a ftdi cable) with an arduino uno? I know you can program attiny with the uno though.

Yes, you can use the UNO as a kind of FTDI cable.

If you can remove the UNO’s ATmega processor you can wire up D0, D1, Ground and Reset.

If you can’t remove the processor (you have a surface mount processor) you have to write a sketch to set pinMode(0,INPUT) and pinMode(1,INPUT)), then disable the Reset on the UNO by connecting a 1 to 10 microfarad capacitor from Reset to Ground. The auto-reset won’t work so you need to manually reset the target clone to get it to upload.

What do you mean by wiring up D0, D1,Ground, and Reset?+ What's a surface mount processor? Is it when the processor is soldered onto the clone? Thanks.